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For Businesses

Myths are still abounding about accounting business process outsourcing; particularly among small business entrepreneurs who are still not sure whether such step can really create value for their enterprise, as in their perception, only big business can benefit from these initiatives. Confusion still prevails on selection of accounting functions that can be outsourced to maximize returns. But, the fact remains that accounting business process outsourcing is absolutely viable for small businesses too and has tremendous possibilities of cost saving and value. Presented below are the current challenges that a typical business is facing and the possible solutions to address it. However, to explore these solutions, business owners need time and resources that can be deployed to achieve the results.

Most businesses have activities that are administrative in nature (non-core) and do not contribute to the bottom line figures. Why not outsource these non-core activities to Pearl which is best placed to give desired results. This will ensure release of existing manpower that can be put to use to achieve efficient in core activities and along with it the cost savings will provide the flexibility to fund the additional activities that may be required to be carried out to achieve increased profits.

  • The disposable income of an average family has fallen down drastically and most businesses have seen a downward trend in their turnover.
  • The margins are squeezing due to huge discounts, promotional offers, etc.
  • Costs are increasing in the form of increased rentals, high energy bills, year to year wages increase, etc.
  • Cutting down workforce and puting increased pressure on the remaining staff to achieve higher productivity and efficiency resulting in sub-standard quality of outputs, increased customer complaints, etc.
Possible Solutions
  • Increasing customer feedback on their products and services
  • Increasing strategic marketing tactics
  • Better quality of products and introduction of new products/services
  • Training the available staff to provide best customer relationship.
Our KSPs (Key Selling Points)
  • Better understanding of your business processes and review of these processes.
  • Identifying the areas/activities where your business can consider outsourcing.
  • Well equipped infrastructure and use of standardised processes.
  • Frequent client visits to assess the situation and to take on board any positive suggestions.
  • UK presence to fulfill any urgent and important requests.
  • Accounts payable which includes suppliers’ invoices entry, payments reminder, suppliers’ accounts reconciliation, summary reports as and when required, etc.
  • Accounts receivable to include customers’ invoices entry, credit control, chasing overdue invoices, customers’ accounts reconciliation, summary reports, etc.
  • Banking transactions and reconciliation which can include multi-currency transactions and petty-cash accounts with periodic reconciliations.
  • Payroll for all your employees irrespective of the frequency of the pay with added service of addressing any payroll queries from your employees.
  • Maintaining product masters can be quite a complex and time consuming job as you may change the pricing regularly or keep on adding new product lines.

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